Back in the Saddle

And yet again, the world of academia brings me back to my wordpress roots here at The Recorded North.

As long time readers will no doubt remember – (*crickets*) – this site has been many things over many years.  Originally, I created this blog with two excellent friends for a Canadian Film course during my undergrad.  We pontificated grandly about the state of film in Canada, the National Film Board, and the importance and impertinence of the artistic systems in this great white north.  Then we graduated, and I took over this url (with the blessing of my cohort) as a space to freak out about the budget cuts at the NFB lo these many years ago.  With my visceral, familial, and academic relationship to the NFB, I needed to feel like I was doing something when my beloved Board was being attacked.

Then I got into grad school and all of a sudden had new arenas to host my ideas and ideals about history and film of and in Canada.  But then along came HIST 5702 (Photography and Public History), and this blog was transformed into a platform to wax poetical about said P and PH.  That course ended, I took an internship for the summer, and The Recorded North hasn’t been recording very many of my thoughts about the north since.

But now! dear readers, I have returned under the banner of #hist5702x.  With the addition of the x, this blog will now be my Digital/Public History platform (man how I’ve missed slashes – the Cultural Studies student in me loves a good slash: in/appropriate(d) others, meta/physical nature of archives, the w/hole lot).  Although in our seminar this week I said that I was taking this class to learn new, different, and digital skills, writing this post on this blog has reminded me of a different reason as to why I am interested in taking this class.  You’ll have to forgive me these pronouncements, as I’m in my second year of a Public History MA and have been dilligently working on my Major Research Essay about the NFB (quelle suprise) – this stuff is on my mind.  But as someone who has spent the majority of her academic life thinking about film and its powers to communicate across extraordinary distances of time, space, and experience, I can’t help but see the things we’re going to be talking about and doing in this class in the same way.  Although I am taking this class to learn new skills, what I’m most interested in is how the digital world, new forms of communication and all, will change, strengthen (or maintain or weaken?) how history, ideology, or who knows what else can be communicated across time, space, and experience.

And after just one seminar, I can tell that our rag-tag group of dreamers will be just the right people to figure this out with.  Stay tuned friends.


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